Patterns are the foundations of chess understanding and expertise in general. We offer the first training program that is specially targeted at improving your chess understanding via patterns based training

Grandmaster Hedinn Steingrimsson

What is it that makes a Master and a Grandmaster chess player?

According to scientific literature knowledge of patterns plays a key role.

Our original patterns based training method teaches the most important aspects of chess in a manner that is easy to remember. It was described in both a FIDE Trainer and also in a German A-Trainer thesis winning the praise of GM Adrian Mikhalchishin, the chairman of the FIDE Trainer Commission, for it´s originality and effectiveness.

According to an article in Nature (Amidzic, Elbert, Fehr, Riehle & Wienbruch, 2001, p. 603,, GMs need to learn 100,000 patterns and that pattern familiarity is what distinguishes Grandmasters from more ordinary players.

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